Who we are and What we do???


We are X VIRUS LAB we are in the Anti Virus Filed from last (4) Four Years with Quick Heal Technologies Pvt Ltd., as a Channel Partner of Guntur District.

From The Early Days We Have Been Analyzing The Virus Problems Of Our Friends, Relatives and Others PC's Whenever They Got A Virus Problem or A Malware Problem To Their System's They Do Ask Why Our PC / Laptop Is Infected Even It (System) Has Latest Updated Anti Virus?????

After A Lot Of Observation And Analysis We Found That Not Any Kind Of Anti Virus Can Protect System Completely. Because There Is A GAP Between Clients and AV Company's As Most Of The Clients Uses PIRATED or TRIAL VERSION Anti Virus Software's Because Of That They Are Unable to Download Latest Updates Released By The AV Company. And Sometimes They Do FORMAT To Get Rid Of The Problem As They Are Not Giving The Solution To The Problem They Are Just Bypassing The Problem.

By Understanding All The Matter And Procedure We Have Entered Into This World Of Anti Virus And We Are Trying To Fill Up The GAP As Much As Possible We Can. The Only Solution Is To Educate The Clients Towards Virus Problems And Malware Infections Which Comes Our Way And To Aware Them To Buy The Genuine Anti Virus So That They Can Get The Complete Support.

As Per Now We Are On The Track. Until Today We Have Been Uploaded Nearly 900 MB's Of Viruses & Suspicious Files Etc., To Virus Lab For Verification And Going On On....

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  1. Good Job Pls continue the spirit of R&D